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Selco has been a contributor to this site for about 6 months now, but he’s been a contributor to the preparedness community for a long time. His reality checks may be a bit brutal, but it’s information that is absolutely vital if things were ever to totally collapse like they did in Bosnia during the Balkan Wars.

In response to popular demand, I’ve put together a printable PDF of his articles that have appeared here on The Organic Prepper. To be absolutely clearthese articles ARE available on the website. But the PDF version can be saved to a device and it’s easily printable if you want to run to your local Office Max or Staples. As well, the PDF version benefits Selco financially and he has been incredibly generous with his knowledge.

The book covers things like keeping warm, what to eat when there is no grocery store, and the brutal reality of an SHTF event. The lessons learned are hard-won but they can be yours for the asking.

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