Build a Better Pantry on a Budget




 Build a Better Pantry

On a Budget

Building a prepper’s pantry can be overwhelming.  If you look at some of the recommendations online, it may seem as though you’ll have to spend thousands of dollars all at once, add a room onto your house, and eat nothing but beans and rice if you come to the point at which you need to rely on it.

But it doesn’t have to be that way and I can help!

Here's what we'll be talking about


Why and How Much

You’ll learn why everyone needs a food stockpile, calculate how much you need, and I’ll share my best budget-friendly tips for building the perfect pantry for your family.

What to Store

If you ever thought you might end up surviving on a bland diet of beans and rice, trust me, we can do WAY better than that! Learn about the components of a healthy and perfect (for you) pantry.

How to Store It

It would be a shame if all that wonderful food didn’t last until you needed it, right? Learn all the secrets of canning, dehydrating, and putting your food back for the long term. 


The course will be delivered as of Dec.10th, at which point you will gain access to a lesson every three days. Once the lessons have arrived, you’ll have lifetime access!

The Better Pantry Syllabus

Week 1: Building a Stockpile

  • Why you need a prepper stockpile
  • Cheap and thrifty stockpile secrets
  • How much food do you need?


Week 2: What to Put in your Pantry

  • Components of a perfect pantry
  • Making healthful choices
  • Special diets and picky eaters

Week 3: Food Preservation

  • How to Store Your Food Properly
  • Water Bath and Pressure Canning
  • Dehydrating


Week 4: Maintaining Your Pantry

  • Using Emergency Food
  • Rotation and Inventory
  • Items to Top Up Your Food Supply


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