Urban Survival Course Testimonials

What women like you had to say about the course

When Daisy Luther published her article on Selco’s very first urban survival course for women as an opportunity to see the ravages and survival of a civil war from someone who had experienced it first hand, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Then when she said she needed a ‘freakin’ adventure’ I was convinced I was in. Somehow, some way, I NEEDED to do this course! As a 60 year old empty-nester, wife, mother and grandmother, my world revolves around the quiet life of my garden, supporting my husband, and keeping abreast of the news cycle. But I wanted to see how strong I was. I wanted to be challenged but not annihilated. I wanted to learn from a ‘professional survivor’, someone who’d been through it and who was willing to share his experiences. Fortunately, my husband was completely on board and encouraged me every step of the way. Through the beauty of the internet, the other Ladies and I connected pretty quickly and we bounced our ideas, concerns, thoughts and fears around with each other, sometimes talking each other off the cliff of trepidation but mostly laughing with/at each other. I do not have the words to describe the impact this course has had on my mindset of preparedness, including but in no way limited to me adjusting my plan moving forward, and my strategies to remain safe in what has become a hostile and tumultuous world. A simple example: before the course I might walk THROUGH a group of people to get to where I was going, because I had ‘a right’; now, I’ll walk AROUND them. My goal is no longer about WINNING or PROVING anything. It’s about SURVIVAL. Another example: ‘Stuff’ won’t save my life! In fact it could COST me my life if I don’t make the right decisions under difficult circumstances to let it go. There are many ‘accepted truths’ in the Prepper Sphere, with countless words written and re-written by a myriad of academics, none of which will serve me or my family well if I don’t balance EXPERIENCE with EDUCATION. This course gave me both. It has taught me to question EVERYTHING, to apply and/or gain my own experience and to draw on the proven experience of others, while finding a balance that is real FOR ME! During the course, Toby’s BRILLIANT Three Layer system helped me tremendously to organize my EDC. In fact, my previous notions of Every Day Carry, Bug Out Bags, Bugging Out, Bugging In, etc. have all been examined like the facets of a Rubik’s cube, and they continue to be modified and applied, examined and re-examined as I find what works FOR ME in MY CIRCUMSTANCES. Some of the course was pretty heavy and depressing. To be in locations that endured so much conflict for so long to so many people, to listen as Selco openly told his story and exposed himself to our myriad of (nothing off limits) questions was at times heartbreaking. But to learn new skills from Toby and his team with professionalism, skill, experience and lots of humor, and to post-Course randomly meet and talk with survivors of this war while sharing a glass of wine under umbrellas on a beautiful spring day in Croatia made it absolutely the most life-changing adventure I’ve ever experienced. I would recommend this course to anyone but especially to Ladies. There’s something powerful about learning within a group of like-minded women, being taught by men who have wives, daughters and female friends, in an environment that is REAL! But be warned: You WILL come back stronger than you have ever been!!
- Mimi
It is difficult to find the words that would really capture the impact from Toby and Selco’s Croatia course. Just the decision to go at all was a big deal. Maybe some women are different. Maybe some women say “Travel to a strange country with men I don’t know and go somewhere to “train” they won’t tell me? Sure!!!” I was a bit more wary. I wouldn’t have gone if I had not known Daisy Luther. She is a respected author that knew the instructors and was attending the same course I would. I am so grateful that I did know her and that I took the risk of attending. Of all the courses that are out there—NONE are as life changing as this one. This course absolutely impacts preparedness. But it also impacts every aspect of daily life. If SHTF never happens, I am better for attending this course. And if it does- I am a significantly more worthy adversary. When I signed up, I thought I would learn “survival skills.” And I absolutely did learn these things. I learned about starting a fire in different scenarios and how to do so to avoid light detection. I learned how to find water and purify it. I overcame my reticence in trusting filtration devices (as well as how to use all my equipment) and actually drank the muddy water from the puddle. And I lived!!!! I learned how to more stealthily approach a building, observe, and plan an approach. I did this in the rain, at night, crawling through the woods. I learned more of my own reactions to psychological pressure, physical tiredness, etc. But, I also learned that sometimes skills, no matter how great, meet circumstances that are greater. My skills are infantile compared to my instructors—and yet, even they had times they had to pause. There is value in learning limitations. Sometimes, one survives SHTF with retreat; and, through that survival/regrouping can win a war. Ones’ life can depend upon learning this lesson, and more importantly, the where/how/why it would apply to you specifically. I learned more about myself, my strengths and my weaknesses, the buttons that SHTF would press. I had to go deep. Months after returning to my country, I am still learning/applying the lessons from my time in Croatia and with Selco in Bosnia. The Croatia course would have been one of those things you look back on and say “wow, I am SO glad I did that.” It really is more than you would experience in any other course and alone-- would impact your life. But, combined with Selco, hearing his true story in his hometown, seeing the places where he survived? Now, you are in the realm of “Wow. That was a once in a lifetime experience that has profoundly changed me. I am forever different. Stronger. Wiser. My world has been altered.” I thought I had it largely figured out and bases covered. This course showed me vulnerabilities I never appreciated as well as strengths I never accepted I had. Can one find words to quantify the value in that? Attending was one of the best decisions I have ever made and I am grateful I had the opportunity.
- Sabrina